Southern Soul

We started our Journey in 2016 in a time where "plastic-free" and "zero waste" wasn’t a popular choice and we knew we could change it with the idea of putting wellness and mindfulness back into individuals lives through conscious purchases.
Our zest and passion for a better way of living brought about a greater awareness of educating and investing in conscious product purchases.
Plastic waste (often found in packaging) is a BIG problem, and something as consumers, we need to start refusing! Did you know that only 9% of plastics are actually recycled and that over 79% of plastics ever produced are accumulating in landfills and waterways (that should be reason enough.
In every aspect of our business, we assess the environmental impact of our decisions, be it ingredients, manufacturing, and even shipping. Our excessive ‘throw-away’ behavior is a driving force behind the growing plastic epidemic, and it’s our behavior towards plastic that needs to change, NOW.
We are still growing as a company but have seen incredible positive responses coming out of the need to change.
Our products speak of zero waste and conscious living, bettering your lifestyle by the choices you make while shopping. We can only do this is we are given the choice to choose such products within the retail sector.
We as a company have set out to educate people in their product choices. To give them an alternative to everyday products. We provide an healthier option in terms of ethical ingredients that are ocean and earth friendly.
We are constantly developing and bettering ourselves and can see a great increase in consumer support and various retails in which we currently stock. Our volumes are increasing which means we are creating the impact we set out to make. Our customers continue to come back with positive reviews.
We are excited to see the growth in our business and we look forward to getting closer to our goal of creating a wellness centre which will be completely self-sustainable. The more we grow the closer we get to achieving this with the support of our loyal customers.