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Hey there!
I'm Karin

It’s too often that fellow Female Entrepreneurs share with me that:

  • They have no clue on how to use Social Media

  • They want to use Instagram, but you have no idea where to start

  • They wish they could promote their brand and products better

  • They wish they could learn how to create a content strategy

  • They wish they could work with a coach who could teach them everything there is to know about social media

I help Momi Entrepreneurs (aka Mompreneurs) with their Social Media Knowledge, Presence and Marketing. 

I made it my mission to help Mompreneurs to Own their Confidence as an Online Business Owner, Create Pro Level Content, and Attract Their Ideal Customer.


You Will Transform Into Your Own Social Media Guru. 

If You Answered YES To Any Of These Questions, Then Mompreneur for Mummies Is For YOU!

because what you don't need

is a "one size fits all" content calendar that you found through google. 


if you’re here, you’re the kind of mompreneur….

Who wants to be successful at growing a profitable business doing what you love. To make that happen, you need a constant stream of customers, right?

Now, the problem is you don’t have a clear plan to get there, which makes you feel confused and overwhelmed...

Here’s the thing, marketing and branding shouldn’t be complicated. And I get how it feels not knowing where to start or if what you’re doing is even working!

That’s why I created the framework and systems for you on —

How to brand and market your business, so you can CONSISTENTLY grow a LOYAL customer community who love and value what you do!


here’s how it works, in 3 super simple steps:

1. Check out our signature program designed for mompreneurs - Social Media for Mummies


2. Email us at info@momilicious.co.za and ask us any questions you have and find out if the Social Media for Mummies Masterclass is the right fit for you!

3. Join us and other go-getter mompreneurs inside the Social Media for Mummies Masterclass and start growing your strong brand and loyal community. 


Get ready for loads of jaw-dropping aha moments, results, and success! 

wait, it gets even better…

I help you get your marketing & brand strategy done through SIMPLE & EXECUTABLE steps, so you can easily apply our proven framework to your business and get results.


You receive PERSONALIZED SUPPORT through coaching sessions, so you can get the advice and feedback you need to keep making progress!


You get a FREE CUSTOM DESIGNED WEBSITE with an e-commerce store option (if needed) included!

T&C's Apply

ready to become the go-to choice in your market?

If you have a business you want to scale or a business idea you want to turn into a profitable business, join the Social Media Master Course experience now!


what other mompreneurs like you are saying…

"When I first started my business, I was lost. My business was failing and I had no idea what to do! Karin helped me re-brand my business, create my plan of action, and she even helped me create a video that featured my story. Her services are worth way more than what she charges.. she is absolutely the best!." Jomè Steyn